A notable games leader in India, Lalit Modi has changed the actual essence of cricket in the country. You can learn more about him and his profile through this biography.

A notable games leader in India, Lalit Modi has changed the actual essence of cricket in the country. You can learn more about him and his profile through this biography.

Lalit Modi
Born In: New Delhi
Born On: 29th November, 1963
Known As: Entrepreneur

Lalit Modi
Brought into the world In: On: New Delhi’s Birth November 29th, 1963, also known as: Lalit Modi, President and Managing Director of Modi Enterprises and an entrepreneur, is a creative and self-motivated individual who has orchestrated his business success. He has been the specialist behind the Indian Premium Association (IPL) which has had four effective seasons. Additionally, he has held a number of high-ranking positions in numerous cricket associations. Modi has held positions as vice president of the Punjab Cricket Association, president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association, and vice president of the BCCI in the past. With his scholarly capacities and momentous business intuition, Modi has figured out how to cut a novel personality for himself. Today Modi is viewed as perhaps of the most impressive and compelling figure in Indian cricket. He is a nonconformist shark who has figured out how to fabricate an extending business domain. Respected with the title of “Major advantages of the Ten years” by Business Standard in 2009, Modi has won a few presitgious trees for his imaginative and helpful thoughts by numerous worldwide business gatherings. Peruse on to find out about the existence of Lalit Modi and his difficult rising.

Early Life
Lalit Modi was naturally introduced to a wealthy business family and was one of the replacements to his dad’s forty billion business enterprises. As a small kid he was selected into the Diocesan Cotton School in Shimla in 1971. During his tutoring he was known to have a distinct fascination with sports and by and by played various games. After that, he went to St. Joseph’s College in Nainital, but he didn’t finish his education in India because he wanted to get a degree in another country. Since he performed well in the placement tests held for admission to American schools, he decided to avoid his tests in India and went to colleges in America. After earning his electrical engineering degree, he went on to earn his business administration degree at Pace University and Duke University in 1983 and 1986, respectively. Lalit has two kin named Samir Modi and Charu Modi.

Career Soon after receiving his education, Modi actively participated in his grandfather Raj Bahadur Gujarmal Modi’s family business, which was managed by his father Krishan Kumar Modi. He partook in a special situation at the top administration level when he was named the President and Overseeing Overseer of Modi Ventures. In 1992 he was picked as the Chief Overseer of Godfrey Phillips India and has figured out how to take the organization higher than ever effectively. Godfrey Phillips India is endorsed by Modi Enterprises and Philip Morris International and is one of the leading cigarette manufacturers in India. Lalit quickly switched his business interests to the entertainment networking group. With a partnership between Walt Disney Pictures and Modi Entertainment Networks (MEN), he made a name for himself in this industry in 1993. As per the arrangement Disney gave a portion of its communicating content to MEN to broadcast it in India. He also obtained Fashion TV’s ten-year broadcasting rights in the same year. By signing a ten-year contract with the channel heads the following year, he became ESPN’s sole distributor in India. The contract had a market value of $975 million. His job chiefly incorporated the undertaking of gathering assets from neighborhood link organizations as a trade-off for broadcasting ESPN. ESPN secured the commercial rights to the T20 Champions League through 2017 due to the profitable business relationship between MEN and the network. Lalit Modi provided support and direction for this.

Lalit, a business visionary, was aware of the significance and popularity of cricket in the nation. He turned into an individual from the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Relationship in 1999, yet neglected to prevail in his desire. Lalit Modi joined the Rajasthan Cricket Association in 2004 and eventually became its President. He received a seat at the BCCI as a result of this. The next year Modi was chosen as the VP of BCCI, during his residency he was exclusively liable for expanding the income multiple times over in only three years. During his three years as Vice President of the BCCI, he was very involved in the business side of cricket, which helped the BCCI make $1 billion a year. In 2008, Modi was the genius behind the Indian Head Association (IPL) and it ended up being one of his most productive undertakings.

Legacy In 2008, Lalit Modi was in charge of developing the Indian Premium League (IPL), a cricket competition based on the Twenty20 format. The idea of T20 was first found in Britain where between province competitions played among Britain and Ridges were held. This idea was first introduced to India by Modi, and as a result of Modi’s adept marketing strategies, it has succeeded in attracting a large crowd.

Personal Life Lalit is married to Minal, whom he met while he was a student in the United States. He has three youngsters Karima, Ruchir and Aliya. Karima is Minal’s previous marriage’s first child. She presently resides in London. Siddhartha Mallya, the son of business tycoon Vijay Mallya, is said to be close friends with Ruchir, who also lives in London. Aliya is pressently purusing her schooling in Switerzerland at Aiglon School.

Achievemnts and Grants
Beginning around 2006, Lalit has been a significant face among proficient cricket circuits in India and has been right away perceived for his work. He has been solely responsible for transforming BCCI into a thriving and profitable organization during his initial tenure as Vice President. In 2008, when Modi changed his thoughts into a reality, his thought before long turned into a major achievement. During the Indian cricket era, Modi rose to prominence and influence. He was honored and awarded by a number of business organizations in 2008, making it the best year of his business career.

‘Business Standard Award’ for making BCCI the Most Innovative Company in India for 2008
Time Magazine ranked him 16th in a list of the world’s best sports executives
‘Brand Builder of the Year’ by Asia Brand Conference
‘Excellence in Innovation’ – Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Awards
‘The Most Innovative Business Leader in India’ by NDTV Profit
‘The Consumer Award for Transforming Cricket in India’ by CNBC Awaaz
‘Sport Business Leader’ award by CBNC-TV18


1963: He was born in New Delhi.
1992: He was appointed as the Executive Director of Godfrey Phillips India.
1993: Modi entered into the entertainment networking industry with a joint venture with Walt Disney.
1994: He signed another deal with ESPN to obtain the channel’s broadcasting rights.
2005: He became the President of Rajasthan Cricket Assoication.
2005: In the same year he was appointed as BCCI’s Vice President.
2008: He was the first to introduce IPL successfully to India.
2010: He was elected as the Vice-President of the Punjab Cricket Association


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