Adi Godrej’s brief biography can be found here. Find out more about Adi Godrej by reading.

Adi Godrej’s brief biography can be found here. Find out more about Adi Godrej by reading.

Adi Godrej:-
Accomplishments: Administrator of Godrej Gathering

Adi Godrej is one of the symbols of Indian Industry. He is the director of Godrej Gathering. Adi Godrej was born into a family of businesspeople. His dad’s name was Burjorji Godrej and his mom’s name was Jai Godrej. Over a century age, the Godrej’s were into assembling locks and vegetable-based cleansers. The Godrej items were among the primary natively made items to uproot settled in unfamiliar brands.

At the age of 17, Adi Godrej left India to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He originally intended to major in mechanical engineering, but he later decided to specialize in management. After his re-visitation of India, Adi Godrej joined the privately-run company. He modernized and organized administration structures and carried out process upgrades. Adi Godrej took the Godrej Gathering to extraordinary level during controlled economy period.

Adi Godrej reorganized the company’s policies following the liberalization process to meet the challenges of globalization. The Group completed a 10-year restructuring process at the beginning of the 2000s, during which each business became a separate entity with a CEO and COO from outside the Godrej family.

Under Adi Godrej’s authority, the gathering is additionally engaged with altruistic exercises. Godrej is a major supporter of the World Wildlife Fund in India. In the Vikhroli township of Mumbai, it has built a green business campus with a school for employees’ children and a 150-acre mangrove forest.

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