Global Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

Global Mother Language Day is commended yearly on February 21. This movement originated as a Bangla language movement in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, an independent nation. It was started with the intention of preserving the Bangla language, which was widely spoken in Bangladesh. This day is just as important because it reminds us that there are many languages in the world and that we need to work to protect their history and existence.

HISTORY OF INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY Since 2000, the world has observed International Mother Language Day annually. It was first declared by UNESCO on November 17, 1999. With the adoption of the United Nations resolution 56/262 later in 2002, it was officially recognized.

It was a drive in Bangladesh to observe Global Mother Language Day. February 21 likewise denotes the commemoration when individuals of Bangladesh battled for acknowledgment for the Bangla language. This has been going on since 1947, when Pakistan was established. It included East Pakistan and West Pakistan, two geographically distinct regions. The languages and cultures of these regions were strikingly diverse.

In 1948, Dhirendranath Datta from East Pakistan requested in the constituent Gathering of Pakistan that Bangla be something like one of the public dialects notwithstanding Urdu. This was made possible by a lot of protests, but the Pakistani government banned public gatherings and rallies to put an end to these protests. Post this, the understudies of the College of Dhaka, alongside the overall population, coordinated monstrous assemblies and gatherings. These rallies were even attacked by police with guns.

International Mother Language Day
International Mother Language Day

A lot later after Bangladesh appeared, Rafiqul Islam’s proposition was presented in the Bangladesh parliament. A conventional proposition was likewise made to UNESCO by the Public authority of Bangladesh. On November 17, 1999, the 30th General Gathering of UNESCO collectively settled that “February 21 be announced Global Mother Language Day all through the world to recognize the saints who forfeited their lives on this very day in 1952.”

Bangladeshis praise this day by visiting the Shaheed Minar, a landmark worked in memory of the saints and its reproductions to communicate their profound distress and offer their appreciation.

Timeline for International Mother Language Day 1948 The Pakistani government declares Urdu to be the national language, despite the widespread use of Bangla in East Pakistan.

February 21, 1952
Fire on Conventions
The police in Pakistan open fire on conventions that were fighting for the consideration of their first language.

Rafiqul Islam and Abdus Salam write a letter to Kofi Annan on January 9, 1998, requesting that he act to preserve languages and establish International Mother Language Day.

The International Year of Languages is established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008.

International Mother Language Day
International Mother Language Day

FAQs for International Mother Language Day Which is the world’s first language?
Sanskrit, also known as Devbhasha, is the oldest language in the world. It has been observed that Sanskrit is the source of inspiration for all European languages.

What is the hardest language to learn?
Mandarin, Icelandic, Japanese, Hungarian, Korean, Arabic, Finnish, and Polish are among the most challenging languages to learn.

Which language’s grammar is the most difficult?
The Hungarian and Finnish dialects have the most difficult language structure and can be hard to effortlessly get a handle on.

The most effective method to Notice Worldwide MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY
Pursue a language class
On Worldwide Mother Language Day, join to gain proficiency with a global language. It could be any language, including Hindi, French, Mandarin, or Spanish. There are such countless dialects out there that you will be amazed.

Communicate in your local language
On Global Mother Language Day, attempt to talk just in your neighborhood language, basically with your loved ones. More often than not we wind up communicating in an unbiased language and fail to remember how to say essential words in our local language. Today is the day you can change that.

Do you already speak more than one language? Indeed, you can utilize your abilities to show one more language to a companion or family. This will likewise assist you with possibly looking for a way to improve on your insight and expert the language impeccably.

Five Linguistic Facts About Mother Languages The majority of Indian languages are divided into four categories: Afro-Asiatic, Dravidian, Indo-Aryan, and Sino-Tibetan.

Thousands of languages There are approximately 7,000 languages spoken worldwide.

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea has the most dialects on the planet with 840 dialects.

Dialects becoming terminated
All over the planet, roughly 2,400 dialects are nearly termination.

The English language has the most words. There are over 250,000 words in the English language.

International Mother Language Day
International Mother Language Day

Why is International Mother Language Day so important? Because the world is made up of hundreds of different cultures that speak different languages. It encourages diversity. Global Mother Language Day advances social variety. It permits individuals to know the numerous dialects on the planet and gives a window into different societies.

It advances language learning
Realizing more than one language is generally a benefit. A second language may be required at any time. Global Mother Language Day advances multilingualism and energizes learning another dialect.

It jam old dialects
Dialects are fundamental for simple correspondence. We are unaware of the existence of a number of languages that are disappearing. This day illuminates the numerous dialects of the world and permits us to know antiquated dialects also.

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