Gurugram Downpour: ‘ In order to avoid traffic congestion on Monday, a “Work From Home” advisory was issued for private offices.

Gurugram Downpour: ‘ Gurugram News: A Work From Home Advisory Has Been Issued for Private Offices To Avoid Traffic Congestion On Monday Nishant Kumar Yadav, the Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, issued an advisory on Sunday to private institutions and corporate offices encouraging their employees to Work From Home (WFH) on Monday to avoid traffic congestion on the roads as heavy rain swept across the nation. Yadav said that it will likewise assist the metro offices with taking up dewatering and fix works quickly. Additionally, due to the rain, he has advised the resident not to venture outside unnecessarily.

As indicated by the information from the area organization of Gurugram city, the district recorded 150 mm of downpour between 6 a.m. furthermore, 11 p.m. on Sunday which caused weighty water signing on the Delhi-Jaipur Interstate and various pieces of the city. There was a lot of traffic on the expressway near Narsinghpur Chowk, making it difficult for commuters, and some people were seen walking in knee-deep water.

Numerous social media posts and videos have shown the submerged expressway and service lane at Narsinghpur Chowk. Numerous videos and photos were shared on Twitter illustrating the effects of the extensive rainfall on the city roads.

The Gurugram traffic police took to Twitter and refreshed suburbanites about traffic developments. Due to the congestion and traffic, the police asked commuters to think about working from home.

Be that as it may, no significant gridlock was accounted for on the public parkway or other key intersections in the city because of the occasion.

Sector-18 Road, Narsinghpur, Jharsa Crossing, Sarhaul, Sector-30, and 31 were among the worst affected locations.

The data provided by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) indicate that the first week’s rainfall in many regions of the nation has compensated for the nation’s overall rainfall deficit. The total rainfall during the monsoon season has been 243.2 millimeters, which is 2% more than the average of 239.1 millimeters. At the end of June, the total precipitation across the entire nation was 148.6 millimeters, 10% below normal. However, the situation has significantly improved as a result of the recent rains.

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