Independent Artist Day

Independent Artist Day

Independent Artist Day, which is celebrated on April 3 and supports independent artists by showcasing their work to millions of people around the world, was initiated by the online art marketplace Minted. Whether you are a visual planner, painter, novice, or simply an expert of contemporary craftsmanship, the present the day to see the value in specialists and the job of workmanship in friendly, monetary, and social circles.

Home to stand-out craftsmanship by autonomous specialists from each of the 50 states and north of 100 nations, Stamped is an internet based expressions and plan commercial center where specialists release their innovativeness, and workmanship darlings find ability they won’t find somewhere else. This year marks Minted’s 15th anniversary, and they’d like you to join them for their first-ever Minted Independent Artist DayTM. Additionally, submit your work to win one of Minted’s design challenges. Stamped rejuvenates craftsmen’s imaginative vision on actual items.

HISTORY OF INDEPENDENT ARTIST DAY The best works of art are frequently those that haven’t been seen before. While some artists get lucky, others struggle to get their work in front of the right people. Then there are art enthusiasts who look for works of art that fit their aesthetic preferences. Stamped figures out the requirements of the craftsman and the workmanship sweetheart, uniting them on their one of a kind stage.

Mariam Naficy profoundly accepts that incredible workmanship can be found all over. Minted’s brand history begins here. Naficy was surrounded by stunning art from a young age, which she discovered on her travels. She likewise accepted that the web was a fabulous method for capable people all over the planet to release their true capacity and make their craft open to the right clients. She started Minted in 2007, which quickly expanded to become a global leader in the arts and design industry. Over 75 million homes now feature artwork discovered on the platform.

The best thing about Minted is that it empowers customers as well as artists. Artists and buyers vote on featured designs through Design Challenges and its crowdsourcing technology. This guarantees that Minted’s winning designs reflect the most recent global trends. Independent artists achieve breakthroughs, and customers receive the most exclusive, innovative designs. A shared benefit for all!

Minted is all about art at its very core; identifying, promoting, and, most importantly, enabling creative expression to flourish. To celebrate 15 years of this affection for workmanship, Printed has laid out Autonomous Craftsman Day™ on April 3.


Mariam Naficy founded Independent Artist Day: The Beginning of a Brand in 2007.

Changing Preferences
Stamped dispatches wall workmanship prints and party stylistic layout.

2015 sees the launch of Personalized Art Minted’s on-demand home decor service.

Free Craftsman Day™
To praise its fifteenth commemoration, Printed lays out yearly Autonomous Craftsman Day™.

Autonomous Craftsman DAY FAQS
Are Printed cards great?
Minted’s premium photo cards, which can be personalized with optional trimmings for a more individualized message, are of high quality, vivid, and beautiful design.

Is Stamped genuine?
Yes! Minted is a genuine platform for art with a distinctive business model. Its straightforward democratic framework decides the best workmanship drifts and gives a space to specialists to channel and grandstand their craft.

What is your income from Minted?
On all future sales of their work, artists can receive generous revenues and royalties of up to 6%.

Activities for Independent Artist Day Show your support for an aspiring artist by purchasing their work. On the other hand, you can urge craftsmen to feature their work on the Printed stage.

Vote for your preferred artwork on Minted Take your support to the next level by casting a vote for your preferred artwork on Minted. Every vote counts because the winners will see their artwork turned into cards, stationery, and other items.

On Independent Artist Day, check out the works of art that won Minted’s Design Challenge. You might try and be roused to make a buy.

You’ll help a craftsman
Your help will add to the achievement and profession of trying specialists.

Their artwork is seen by a larger number of people thanks to word-of-mouth and social media sharing after just one purchase.

The craftsmanship local area flourishes
The general craftsmanship local area is kept alive by supporting somewhat little specialists.

Supporting an artist’s vision Through patron support, an artist’s vision becomes a reality.

WHY WE LOVE Free Craftsman DAY
Valuing autonomous specialists
Free Craftsman Day™ thanks every one of the specialists, originators, artists, painters, and more who articulate their thoughts through their specialty, keep their fantasies alive, face challenges, and reach skyward. Without their vision, the world would be far less beautiful and inspiring. Their determination and contribution are valued.

Unique pieces We adore browsing Minted for the most up-to-date and trendy artwork! Stamped gives the main look and triumphs when it’s all said and done the final word on impending patterns in the craftsmanship world.

A stage for everybody
A comprehensive stage for craftsmen where there’s no inclination? Everyone supports it!

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