International level crossing awareness day

The Observance of International Level Crossing Awareness Day is a worldwide initiative to improve awareness of level crossing safety. So, in order to spread awareness among the road users and to avoid accidents at level crossings, Khurda Road division has observed International level Crossing Awareness Day on 15th June 2023.

As a part of observation, Khurdha Road Division organized an awareness programme for public at Level Crossing Gate No.KP-2, near Haripurgram Junction Railway station. Mass counselling, distribution of leaflets, display of banners & Posters and slogans on safety precautions were played at the LC gate for the awareness of general public.

A Nukkad Natak was organized by the members of Khurda Road Civil Defence organisation. Through Nukkad Natak public were educated that it takes only few seconds for the train to pass the Railway level crossing, so public need to be patient and not to trespass the Railway track when the gate is closed.

Participating in the awareness programme, Shri Rinkesh Roy, the Divisional Railway Manager, Khurda Road, urged the general public that everybody’s life is precious and utmost care to be taken while passing through level crossing gates.

All the unmanned Level crossing gates over Khurda road division were eliminated through construction of Road Under Bridges (RUB), Road Over Bridges (ROB), Limited Height Subways (LHS) and diversion road by 2018. There is no Level crossing accident recorded over Khurda Road division since 2019. Shri M.N.S.Ramesh, Sr. Divisional Safety Officer, Khurda Road, Shri B.K.Mallick, Additional Divisional Safety Officer, Khurda Road and Shri Mrunmay Mohanty, Chief Statistical Inspector from East Coast Railway were present in the awareness programme.



Indian Railways to Participate In International Level Crossing Awareness Day Tomorrow
Railways Carry Intensive Awareness Campaign to Educate Road Users
Every year, International Union of Railways (UIC) observes one day as the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD). This year, 9th June is being observed as ILCAD. Indian Railways has decided to participate in this global campaign to sensitize road users to increase safety at unmanned level crossings. The ILCAD focuses on educational measures and the promotion of safe behaviour at and around level crossings. It is built on existing national events which will be held jointly at various locations in every participating country on June 9th, 2011.

The number of unmanned level crossing accidents occurring on Indian Railways is a cause of concern. At present, there are total 32694 numbers of level crossings over Indian Railways out of which 14853 are unmanned where the accidents occur primarily due to inadequate precautions by the road users failing to observe mandatory sign boards, signals and basic traffic safety rules. Over the last five years, the train accidents at unmanned level crossings remained at low level.

Indian Railways carry out intensive social awareness campaigns, on a regular basis, to educate road users. This includes publicity campaigns through various media like newspapers, TV, Radio etc., distribution of posters, leaflets, various short duration films/advertisements etc. Even in local languages have been prepared by the Zonal Railways for educating the road users about the precautions to be taken while negotiating the unmanned level crossings. There is a need to educate people at Village Panchayats, schools, weekly markets in rural areas and also carry out ambush checks at unmanned level crossings.

To enhance the safety and reduce inconvenience to road users, busy level crossings are being replaced by Road Over Bridges (ROB)/ Road Under Bridges (RUB) and Limited Height Sub Ways (LHS) gradually. In the year 2010-11, 641 ROB/RUB/LHS have been constructed under various schemes.

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