Larsen & Turbo, India’s largest engineering conglomerate, is led by A.M. Naik, who serves as chairman and managing director. For more information about his profile, go through his biography.

Larsen & Turbo, India’s largest engineering conglomerate, is led by A.M. Naik, who serves as chairman and managing director. For more information about his profile, go through his biography.

A.M. Naik
Brought into the world On: Born on June 3, 1942 in: Endhal, Gujarat Profession: Chairman and Managing Director of Larsen and Turbo Anil Manibhai Naik is one of India’s most influential entrepreneurs and serves as Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of India’s largest engineering and construction conglomerate. He has fought numerous battles to lead Larsen & Turbo to the top ever since he took over. He made L&T a worldwide pioneer through sheer difficult work and through what he calls ‘commitment past devotion’. He was the company’s first professional CEO and guided it through its darkest days. Under his dynamic initiative, the organization recorded its most hearty execution. Anil only took a day off over the course of his 45-year career. Presently isn’t this reality a declaration to his accomplishments? Yes, it is!

Childhood A.M. Naik was born in Endhal, Southern Gujarat, on June 3, 1942, into a family of teachers. His father was a teacher who adhered to Gandhian principles. In Navsari, Naik received his early education. He graduated from the prestigious Birla Viswakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College in VV Nagar, Anand, with a degree in mechanical engineering.

In 1965, Anil’s career M. Naik joined Larsen and Super as a lesser specialist and turned into the most youthful director throughout the entire existence of the association. In 1985, he was made the ‘Senior supervisor’ as he rose rapidly through the positions. In 1989, he took over as the VP of the association and turned into the individual from the Chief Board. The company was able to expand its horizons beyond domestic borders thanks to Anil M. Naik’s broader perspective, which placed it in a position that allowed it to become a global player. He rebuilt the organization into a few working divisions and zeroed in on further developing investor esteem. The company saw positive outcomes as a result of placing an emphasis on HR and IT as twin growth engines. Anil was named President of L&T in 1995, and in 1999, he became “Chief Executive Officer” and Managing Director. He became the organization’s Chairman and Managing Director in 2003.

Anil M. Naik came up with the idea of manufacturing engineering equipment in the early 1990s, which led the company to move into manufacturing. It started fabricating plastic hardware, tire apparatus and custom designing items. This empowered L&T to make significant progress in the indigenization of innovation and in the innovation and atomic areas. This delivered rich profits and the turnover of the organization grew multiple times in eight years. This happened when Anil M. Naik took over as the CEO. The company made a lot of money and expanded its horizons in the IT industry under his direction. Anil. M. Naik has participated in numerous social activities and is currently working on the expansion of a Gujarati educational establishment established by his father in Navsari. He is also associated with a number of charitable and educational institutions that support India’s rural population. He is likewise an individual from the Leading group of Legal administrators of the Indian Business Trust for HIV/Helps.

Contributions He devised a 90-day action plan as soon as he took over as CEO of L & T. In an effort to entice the younger generation to join the company, he reinstated a merit system. As per him, the most ideal way to draw in youthful specialists to an association was to impact the approach to compensating them. In addition, Anil Manibhai Naik was instrumental in leading the company on a manufacturing path that resulted in a fifty-fold increase in the company’s turnover over the course of about eight years.

Legacy Anil Manibhai Naik is an inspiring entrepreneur because he spent half his life working to make his company one of the largest engineering firms in India and the world.

Awards and Honors NDTV Profit named him “Business Leader of the Year – Building India.”
Gujarat Garima Grant, 2009
‘Lakshya Business Visionary’ Grant by the Public Foundation of Modern Designing (NITIE)
‘Asia Business Pioneer’ Grant, CNBC Asia, 2010
‘CNBC Asia – Extraordinary Business Pioneer’ Grant, 2010.

1942 – Brought into the world in Endhal in Southern Gujarat.
1965: Junior engineer at Larsen & Turbo.
1985 – Is delegated as the Senior supervisor of L and T.
1989 – Took over as the VP of the association and became individual from the chief board.
1995: He takes over as president of L&T; 1999: He takes over as CEO and managing director.
2003 – Was delegated as the Administrator and Overseeing Head of the association.

A.M. Naik
Born On: June 3, 1942
Born In: Endhal, Gujarat
Career: Chairman and Managing Director of Larsen and Turbo

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