List of Important Days in August 2023

Important days in August 2023 include days that hold great significance nationally and globally. August is a crucial month in the Indian calendar as it marks the beginning of the monsoon month. This month initiates the season of festivals in India. There are lots of Indian festivals, public events, and other important days in August.

We have shared a list of all the important days in August 2023 here, along with the details about the special days and why they are celebrated. Check out the complete list given below and plan your month accordingly.

Special Days in August Month

There are many important days in August that are observed in India. August is considered a special month in India because it marks the beginning of Shravan, which is considered an auspicious period of time. During this time, a lot of Hindu festivals are celebrated, along with many other public occasions, and other special days in August.

Keeping a list of all the important days in August will be beneficial for anyone making a monthly plan. It will help you determine which days are likely to be public holidays, etc. The list of all the significant days in the month of August has been shared below.

List of Important Days in August 2023

Apart from the special days in August, the entire month of August is celebrated as Happiness Happens Month, which encourages experiencing and sharing happiness with each other. Take a look at the table shared here to know all the important days in August and the date on which they are observed:

Date Important Days in August
1st August World Wide Web Day
1st to 7th August World Breastfeeding Week
4th August International Beer Day (First Friday of August)
6th August Hiroshima Day
6th August Friendship Day in India (First Sunday of August)
7th August National Handloom Day
9th August Quit India Movement Anniversary or August Kranti Din
9th August Nagasaki Day
9th August International Day of World’s Indigenous People
12th August International Youth Day
12th August World Elephant Day
13th August International Left Handers Day
14th August Partition Horrors Remembrance Day in India
15th August Independence day in India
16th August Parsi New Year
19th August World Photography Day
19th August Teej
19th August World Humanitarian Day
20th August Akshay Urja Day
20th August World Mosquito Day
20th August Sadbhavana Diwas
23rd August International Day for the Remembrance of Slave Trade and Abolition
26th August Women’s Equality Day
26th August International Dog Day
29th August National Sports Day or Rashtriya Khel Divas (India)
29th August Onam
29th August Telugu Language Day
30th August National Small Industry Day
30th August Raksha Bandhan

Important Days in August Month 2023 – Details

There are a ton of special days in August, many of which are festivals such as Raksha Bandhan, and important historical events such as Independence Day. Here, we have shared the details of the important days in August 2023:

World Wide Web Day (1st August)

This day is dedicated to the World Wide Web that brought the whole world to our fingertips. This day signifies the importance of the WWW, without which, we would not be experiencing the world as we do today. World Wide Web Day is also about spreading awareness about the convenience of web browsing.

National Handloom Day (7th August)

National Handloom Day is one of the special days in August. It celebrates the Swadeshi Movement, which began in Bengal, to emphasise using Indian-made goods. This day is about remembering the importance of investing in Indian-made products and goods as it directly benefits the people of the country.

Partition Horrors Remembrance Day in India (14th August)

The Partition between India and Pakistan started on 14th August. So, this day is officially observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. This is one of the most important days in August because it reminds us of the countless innocent lives that were lost in Partition. This day was officially announced on 14th August 2021 by PM Narendra Modi.

Independence Day (15th August)

One of the most special days in August for every India, Independence Day is about celebrating India’s independence from British rule. On this day, a parade passes at India Gate in the presence of the Prime Minister of India, and other guests.

National Sports Day (29th August)

National Sports Day is among the important days in August. It is celebrated on 29th August every year to honour Shri Dhyan Chand, an Indian hockey player, on his birthday. On this day, students are encouraged to participate in sports and games to stay fit, active and healthy.

Raksha Bandhan (30th August)

This is another of the special days in August for Hindus. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on full moon day in the month of Shravan. The day holds emotional value for brothers and sisters in India. On this day, sisters tie Rakhi, which is a sacred thread on the hands of their brothers, who, in return, give them gifts and sweets.

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FAQs On Important Days in August

Q1. What are the important days in August 2023?

The important days in August 2023 are World Wide Web Day (1 Aug), Hiroshima Day (6 Aug), National Handloom Day (7 Aug), Quit India Day (9 Aug), Independence Day (15 Aug), Teej (19 Aug), National Sports Day (29 Aug), Onam (29 Aug), and Raksha Bandhan (30 Aug).

Q2. 1st August is celebrated as?

1 August is celebrated as World Wide Web Day. This day is about appreciating and acknowledging the immense importance of the World Wide Web and web browsing in general. In addition to this, 1 August is also celebrated as National Girlfriends Day in the United States.

Q3. Which are the August month special days in India?

There are many special days in August observed in India, such as National Handloom Day (7 Aug), Quit India Day (9 Aug), Partition Horrors Rememberance Day (14 Aug), Independence Day (15 Aug), National Sports Day (29 Aug), Onam (29 Aug), and Raksha Bandhan (30 Aug).

Q4. How many important days in August are there?

There are several important days in August. August is an important month when it comes to national and international special days. International events like Hiroshima Day, Nagasaki Day, International Beer Day and national events like Raksha Bandhan, Onam, etc. are celebrated in August.

Q5. Is 7th August a special day?

Yes, 7 August is a special day because it is celebrated as National Handloom Day. In fact, this day is considered one of the most important days in August because it relates to the Swadeshi Movement, which was a movement to boycott British goods and prefer Indian ones.

Q6. Is 15th August a special day?

One of the most important days in August, 15 August marks Independence Day in India. On this day in 1947, India officially gained independence from British rule. This day is celebrated nationwide on 15 August, and an annual parade also takes place at Rajpath on this day.

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