National Nicole Day

National Nicole Day

National Nicole Day is a celebration that occurs every year on December 23. This day is celebrated by people across the globe who want to commemorate every Nicole they’ve ever known simply for being authentic and as loving as they are!


Nicole is a variation of the name Nicholas. This is a name of Greek origin, which means “victory of the people”. The most popular variations of Nicole include Nikole, Nicolette, Nikki, and Nicolas, a masculine form of the name. Nicole’s are found primarily in English-speaking areas, such as Canada, Australia, and even the Italian-speaking country of Italy. Its popularity has also risen significantly in Mexico.

Most people would describe Nicole as a name that gives off refined and wholesome energy and a formal name with a touch of natural value. Many famous personalities in history carry the name, such as American actress Nicole Kidman, American singer Nicole Scherzinger, and American comedian Nicole Byer.

The name Nicole is also found in fiction. In the sitcom “Family Guy,” a character is called Nicole, and in the television series “Zoey 101,” one of the students is called Nicole. This is also the name of an Atlantic hurricane that occurred in 1998. It is estimated that nearly 567,000 Americans are named Nicole, which means that there are almost 178 Nicole’s for every 100,000 Americans. It has also been ranked the 76th most popular name in the United States.

National Nicole Day
National Nicole Day


Nicole Kidman

The actress receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her film work.

Nicole Bristow

The character first appears in the T.V. series premiere of “Zoey 101.”

Nicole Scherzinger

The singer participates in and wins the competition show “Dancing With the Stars.”

Nicole Byer

The comedian and television host receives her first Primetime Emmy Awards nomination as host of the competition show “Nailed It!”


Is Nicole Kidman a billionaire?

Kidman is one of the best-paid actresses working in Hollywood today. However, that does not make her a billionaire. Her net worth is estimated at $250 million.

Is Nicole Scherzinger vegan?

The singer is not vegan. However, she attempts to keep her diet as plant-based as possible in her daily life.

Is Nicole Byer L.G.B.T.?

The comedian does not like to identify with labels. However, she has stated that she does not identify as a straight woman.

National Nicole Day
National Nicole Day


  1. Write a letter

    You definitely know someone named Nicole, whether they are one of your close friends or a famous figure. So why not write them a personalized letter, showing them all of your appreciation?

  2. Design a card

    It’s okay if you’re not that good with words. You can always choose to express your love by designing your card! Sharpen those colored pencils and get your scissors ready to make a beautiful card for that special Nicole in your life.

  3. Give a shout-out to a famous Nicole

    Don’t have anyone in your circle named Nicole? No problem! Choose someone from our list to give a shout-out to on social media! Do some extra research and share all the facts with your friends and family, getting them involved in the celebration.


  1. Nicole Dollanganger

    Dollanganger is a singer-songwriter and performer from Canada — her music is distinguished by a feminine, high-pitched vocal style, sparse accompaniment, and lyrical topics that typically deal with true crime, sexuality, and romance.

  2. Nicole Brossard

    Brossard is a well-known formalist poet and writer from France — her work is notable for tackling masculine-oriented language and points of view in French literature and exploring feminist topics.

  3. Nicole Chung

    Chung is a writer and editor from the United States — she was the managing editor of “The Toast,” the editor-in-chief of “Catapult,” and the author of “All You Can Ever Know,” a memoir. Chung was born in Seattle to Korean parents who gave her up for adoption after being on life support for several months.

  4. Nikki Blonsky

    Blonsky is an actress, singer, dancer, and online celebrity from the United States — she is best remembered for her role as Tracy Turnblad in the film “Hairspray,” for which she garnered two Critics’ Choice Awards and Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations.

  5. Nicole Maines

    Maines is an actress and transgender rights activist from the United States — she was the anonymous plaintiff in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court case “Doe v. Regional School Unit 26,” in which she asserted that her school system could not refuse her access to the female restroom because she was transgender.

National Nicole Day
National Nicole Day


  1. It’s all about Nicole

    We love expressing our fondness for those around us! When it comes to Nicole, it’s no different! This day gets us all together for Nicole’s sake, and we love that!

  2. Special appreciation

    We don’t need a specific day to show our appreciation, right? But it’s nice to get a special day to remember and give love to every Nicole around the globe!

  3. Second birthday

    Celebrating your name day means double the gifts you receive every year for simply being yourself! It’s like celebrating your birthday a second time annually!

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