National Shepherd Day

National Shepherd Day

National Shepherd Day is a global celebration occurring annually on January 1. On this day, everyone comes together in the name of every person named Shepherd to have ever existed in the world and celebrates everything they have done for their communities!


Shepherd is an English name meaning ‘sheepherder’ and comes from an occupational surname in Old English, written as ‘Sceaphyrde.’ Some common variations of this surname are Shepard and Sheppard. However, it does not have a feminine variation. People with the name Shepherd are usually found in the United States.

Shepherd is a name that most people would describe as having classic and mature energy and a formal name with a hint of upper-class. It’s uncommon to meet someone with the first name Shepherd. Competitive figure skater Shepherd Clark, British psychologist Shepherd Dawson, and journalist Shepard Smith are just a few renowned people with the name.

Shepherd is also a name found in fictional characters. Shepherd is the surname of one of the main characters in the television series “Grey’s Anatomy,” Derek Shepherd, and the surname of the protagonist of the film “Big Fat Liar.” This is also the name of a canyon in Oregon. Nearly 1,000 Americans are called Shepherd, implying that there are almost 0,3 Shepherds for every 100,000 people in the United States. In the country, it is listed as the 9,116th most prevalent name.


Shepherd Dawson

The Royal Society of Edinburgh appoints the psychologist to be a Fellow.

Shepherd Clark

The figure skater places first in the Finlandia Trophy international competition.

Derek Shepherd

The character makes his first appearance in the pilot episode of the series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Shepard Smith

The journalist starts hosting his newscast program, “The News with Shepard Smith.”


Is season 18 the end of “Grey’s Anatomy?”

The show is far from seeing an ending! “Grey’s Anatomy” is ending its 18th season with a boom greater than usual. The season finale also marks the 400th episode of the iconic medical drama, a feat only a few T.V. shows have achieved.

What does being a shepherd mean?

A shepherd is someone who looks for, cares for, and protects sheep. A person who guards, directs, or keeps an eye on another individual or group of people.

Do shepherds still exist?

You can bet they do! Shepherds still walk the meadows in various parts of the United States and the rest of the world, caring for their flocks.


  1. Write a letter

    Whether it’s one of your personal friends or a well-known celebrity, you’re bound to know someone named Shepherd. So, why not write them a handwritten note expressing your gratitude?

  2. Design a card

    It’s okay if you don’t write well. You may always show your affection by making your own greeting card! Make a lovely card for that special Shepherd in your life by sharpening your colored pencils and getting your scissors ready.

  3. Shout out to a famous Shepherd

    You don’t know someone named Shepherd in your circle? It’s no issue! Make a social media shout-out to someone on our list! Do some more research and share the details with your friends and family so that they may join in the celebration.


  1. Heyward Shepherd

    Heyward Shepherd was a free black man who was slain in the first attack on Harpers Ferry by John Brown.

  2. Shepherd Mead

    Shepherd Mead was a writer from the United States and is most known for writing “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” which was made into a Broadway production and a film.

  3. Shepherd Murape

    Shepherd Murape is a Zimbabwean footballer and manager presently in charge of Magesi in South Africa.

  4. Sheppard Frere

    Sunderland Sheppard Frere was a Roman historian and archaeologist from the United Kingdom.

  5. Shepard Fairey

    Frank Shepard Fairey is an American modern artist, activist, and creator of OBEY Clothing, who rose to prominence through the skateboarding community.


  1. It’s all about Shepherd

    We like expressing our affection for people who are close to us! It’s no different when it comes to Shepherd! This day brings us all together, for Shepherd’s sake, which we adore!

  2. Special appreciation

    Isn’t it true that we don’t need a special day to express gratitude? However, having a specific day to recognize and adore every Shepherd on the planet is good!

  3. Second birthday

    Celebrating your name day means you’ll get twice as many goodies each year just for being yourself! It’s like having a birthday celebration twice a year!

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