Piyush Bansal

Piyush Bansal

Example of overcoming adversity of Piyush Bansal
Peyush Bansal is the fellow benefactor of Lenskart, one of India’s driving internet based retailers for eyewear. He is an independent man who, despite everything, figured out how to develop an effective organization starting from the earliest stage. Beginning a business is rarely simple, however Peyush and his group endured, and today Lenskart is an extravagant business. In this article, we’ll take a gander at the example of overcoming adversity of Peyush Bansal and how he went from a program director at Microsoft to an effective business visionary.

Early Life and Instruction
On April 26, 1985, Peyush Bansal was brought into the world in New Delhi, India. Bansal has an Electrical Science certification from McGill College in Canada. He started working for Microsoft in the wake of accepting his certification. Bansal had long admired Bill Entryways for instance. His ideal job was working for his company.

At Microsoft, Peyush Bansal worked on MS Office and came up with ideas that could make the user experience better. Bansal chose to leave Microsoft in 2007 and return to his local spot, India. Between 2007 and 2009, he collaborated with a few highly successful businesses. The Indian Establishment of The board, Bangalore, likewise granted him an administration degree upon graduation.

Lenskart – How Can it Start?
In light of his pioneering tingle, Peyush left his lucrative occupation at Microsoft. Peyush talked with many individuals looking for another organization to take special care of different necessities. Peyush Bansal sent off the primary venture site, “searchmycampus.com,” in January 2008 with an underlying speculation of 25 lakhs in the wake of talking with a couple of understudies of Delhi College.

While he was working on his postgraduate degree, he started SearchMyCampus. The site answers a large number of the issues understudies stand up to, including lodging, entry level positions, parttime work, and numerous others. He saw that major Online business organizations were overlooking the eyeglasses area during this time, which motivated him to make a further move and address more critical issues.

Considering this, he began Flyrr.com in the US, and in the wake of seeing a positive outcome there, he decided to extend the stage to India. That is the way Lenskart was sent off in India in 2010. Peyush established Lenskart alongside Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi. They at first just sold contact focal points on remedy. The web-based store for Lenskart started selling shades and eyeglasses in Walk 2011.

Bansal asserted in a meeting that the objective of establishing Lenskart was to give vision adjustment help to individuals all through India. Second, the company conducts approximately 15,000 eye examinations each day to raise awareness of the significance of good eye health. At last, it offers its clients eyewear that is sensibly valued, elegant, and of top caliber. Bansal added that they make a solid effort to grasp their clients’ necessities and enjoyment them with novel encounters. This added to Lenskart’s prosperity.

Lenskart currently employs around 4,000 people. Also, the business has in excess of 500 areas around the country. With a $1.5 billion valuation, Lenskart joined the unicorn club in 2019. In March 2020, the business saw a sales increase of twofold, from 486 crores to 1,000 crores. Additionally, the company performed better than Titan Eyewear, its primary rival.

Lenskart accomplished new levels on account of Peyush’s determination and difficult work. His business reliably focuses on the shopper’s necessities and endeavors to offer the best help.

Piyush expressed, “It’s tied in with breaking your norms like clockwork and giving a component of pleasure to the existences of your clients and workers.”

Peyush Bansal in Shark Tank
Being quite possibly of the best business person in India at only 36, Peyush became one of the adjudicators of the business unscripted TV drama Shark Tank India – Season 1 and Season 2. His thoughtfulness, empathy, and understanding of technology and business helped him gain a significant following among the audience.

“Ability isn’t just what we see rearranging in the purported unicorns of India, however it is sitting multi levels underneath, yet we never contact them in light of the fact that our enrollment processes are to a great extent intended to search for individuals working with brand names we as a whole see on television, and not really looking for potential.”

These words from the President of Lenskart summarize all that is off-base, especially with our country. Because of his nice and steady demeanor, Peyush Bansal has turned into a legend to numerous Indians in the midst of the huge prominence of Shark Tank India.


Lessons from Piyush Bansal

Piyush Bansal returned to India after quitting his job in the United States. He began Lenskart from nothing and developed it into a billion-dollar business through difficult work and a deep yearning to succeed. Numerous financial specialists all through the world are inspired by his achievement. One should invest some parcel of energy and never surrender assuming that they wish to succeed. Along these lines, really try to constantly gain from your missteps.

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