Telangana Formation Day

Telangana Formation Day

Telangana Formation Day is celebrated on June 2 to commemorate the day when Telangana was established as an independent state. On June 2, 2014, Telangana was separated from Andhra Pradesh, and Kalvakuntla C Rao was elected as the first Chief Minister of the new state. Every year, Telangana Formation Day is observed as a public holiday in Telangana.

The Telugus had been demanding a separate state for Telugu-speaking people ever since 1969. After 40 years of constant protests, the Telangana Bill established Telangana as a separate state. Learn the complete history of Telangana Formation Day, along with its significance here.

Telangana Formation Day 2023

Telangana Formation Day is an important day for the people of Telangana, who rejoice and celebrate their cultural heritage on this day. This day is observed as a public holiday in Telangana, who participate in various cultural activities on this day. Telangana Day is a time when the Telugu people celebrate their culture.

The state of Telangana was formed after a series of protests by Telugu people, who demanded a separate region consisting of Telugu majority. We have shared further information about Telangana Formation Day in the table below.

Day Telangana Formation Day
Celebrated June 2 (every year)
Established 2014
Objective To marks the day of the formation of Telangana as an independent state in India

About Telangana

Telangana is a state located on the Deccan Plateau in India. Covering a distance of 112,077 square kilometers, Telangana spreads across the south-central region of the Indian peninsula. On Telangana Formation Day, here are some interesting details about this state.

  • Telangana is the eleventh largest state in India.
  • With the seventh largest economy, Telangana is among the highest contributors to the GDP of our country.
  • Telangana is home to Hyderabadi cuisine.
  • The people of Telangana are very close to their culture and celebrate Telangana Formation Day enthusiastically.

Telangana Day History

Telangana Formation Day commemorates an important decision made by the Parliament of India in 2013. The Telangana Bill, passed by the Parliament in 2013, approved the proposal for forming Telangana as an independent Indian state. Here are more details about Telangana Formation Day history.

  • The region of Telangana was merged with Andhra Pradesh in 1956
  • Since 1969, the Telugus had been demanding a separate state consisting of Telugu-speaking regions.
  • The decades following 1969 witnessed consistent protests by Telugus for a separate state.
  • In 2013, the Telangana Bill was passed by the BJP and the Congress Working Committee.
  • In 2014, the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act was also approved.
  • It was announced that June 2 will be celebrated as Telangana Formation Day.

Telangana Formation Day Significance

Telangana Day is of immense significance for the people of Telangana. This is because they strived for decades for the formation of a separate state representative of Telugu culture. The Telangana Movement lasted for decades, starting somewhere in 1952 and ending in 2014 with Telangana Formation Day.

Telangana was carved out of Andhra Pradesh and comprises of ten districts from north-western Andhra Pradesh. Check out the complete timeline of the movements leading up to the Telangana Formation Day here.

Telangana Formation Day: Timeline
Telangana Movement 1952-2012
Mulkhi Agitation 1952
Telangana Agitation 1969
Jai Andhra Movement 1972
Six Point Formula 1973
Srikrishna Committee 2011-2012
Andhra Pradesh Reorganization 2014
Telangana Formation Day June 2, 2014

Telangana Formation Day Events

Every year on June 2, Telangana Day is celebrated with much fervor. A number of cultural events also take place on the day. Here are some of the ways in which the people of Telangana celebrate Telangana Formation Day.

  • Cultural events showcasing the distinct culture of the region are held.
  • The state of Telangana sponsors a four-day grand celebration.
  • On Telangana Formation Day, Telangana State Awards are also presented.
  • The Chief Minister of Telangana hoists the national flag and gives a speech on Telangana Day.
  • People remember the history of Telangana and how it was formed on this day.
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FAQs on Telangana Formation Day

Q1. When is Telangana Formation Day?

Telangana Formation Day is celebrated every year on June 2 in Telangana. This day is very important for the people of Telangana because it commemorates the day on which Telangana was declared an independent state. Telangana Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm in Telangana.

Q2. Who declared Telangana Formation Day?

The President of India passed the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act in 2014 and declared June 2 as Telangana Formation Day. A year prior, on July 1, 2013, the Congress Working Committee passed a resolution to form Telangana as an independent state. This resolution was passed and Telangana Formation Day was established.

Q3. Why is June 2 celebrated as Telangana Formation Day?

June 2 is celebrated as Telangana Formation Day because the state of Telangana came into existence on that day. Before that, Telangana was a part of Andhra Pradesh. However, after the 2014 Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, Telangana was established as an independent state.

Q4. What is the history of Telangana Formation Day?

The history of Telangana Formation Day can be traced back to decades ago. As early as 1952, the people of Telangana were demanding a separate state on the basis of linguistic differences for the Telugu-speaking community. In 2014, with the passing of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, Telangana was formed.

Q5. Why is Telangana Formation Day celebrated?

Telangana Formation Day is celebrated to honor the efforts of the countless Telugus who protested for the formation of a separate state for Telugu-speaking people. Telangana Day is celebrated on June 2 to commemorate the passing of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act in 2014.

Q6. Is Telangana Formation Day a public holiday?

Yes, Telangana Formation Day is observed as a public holiday throughout the state of Telangana. On this day, people embrace their cultural identity and honor those because of whom their state was formed in 2014.

Q7. How is Telangana Formation Day celebrated?

Telangana Formation Day is celebrated with much zeal in Telangana. Some ways in which people observe this day include the following

  • Attending the flag hoisting ceremony by the Chief Minister of Telangana.
  • Attending and participating in cultural events.
  • Remembering the history of Telangana.

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