Thaipoosam Cavadee

Thaipoosam Cavadee

Thaipoosam Cavadee falls on January 25 this year, in the Tamil month of “Thai,” which relates to January and February in the Gregorian schedule. ‘ Poosam’s meaning is “star,” and the word “cavadee” or “kavadi” means “a piece of wood.” It is praised by Tamils in India and different nations, including Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Singapore, and Fiji.

The legend behind the celebration recounts Murugan and Sage Agastya’s devotee, Idumban as the fundamental characters. Sage Agastya asked Idumban to construct two hills in South India with the names Shiva and Shakti, or Parvathi. Idumban ‘connected’ the slopes to furthest edges of a stick, or ‘cavadee’ and set out to satisfy his undertaking. He was walking to the assigned area when he felt tired and put down his heap. Murugan, who was concealing nearby, saw this and made the slopes excessively weighty for Idumban to lift up once more. At the point when Idumban found that he was as of now not ready to convey the ‘cavadee,’ he then saw Murugan and a battle broke out between the two.

Thaipoosam Cavadee
Thaipoosam Cavadee

Murugan, who is the child of Shiva and Shakti, demanded that the slopes had a place with him and this enraged Idumban who was on a heavenly mission. Murugan utilized his confided in skewer, or ‘vel,’ skilled to him by his mom, to kill Idumban. Idumban, who later returned to life, became his most devoted follower.

On this day, anyone who carries a load on a “cavadee” as an offering to Murugan can anticipate receiving his blessings due to this legend. Lovers typically convey a brightly designed curve, to represent slopes, or different burdens on the ‘cavadee’ and continue to a sanctuary of Murugan. Pots of milk, flower garlands, coconut, honey, turmeric, and other items regarded as sacred and life-affirming can also be carried by those who are unable to carry heavy loads. Numerous lovers perform demonstrations of retribution on this day, penetrating themselves with little lances and in any event, strolling on consuming coal.

third Century B.C.
Most established Murugan Sanctuary
The most established block sanctuary in Tamil Nadu is worked during the Sangam time frame.

1888: Malaysia holds its first Thaipoosam festival at the well-known Murugan temple in the Batu caves.

Murugan Sanctuary in Mauritius
An Indian foreigner, Velamurugan, named after the god himself, builds a Murugan sanctuary in Mauritius’ Corps de Garde mountains.

Brilliant Celebration of Bangalore Sanctuary
In Karnataka, Thaipoosam has been praised for north of 50 years, and in 2019 they commended their brilliant celebration year.


Thaipoosam Cavadee
Thaipoosam Cavadee

How would you quick for Thaipoosam?
The ten-day fasting begins with a function at the sanctuary, from that point enthusiasts just hydrate, eat vegan food and rest during the day. To add to their profound upliftment, fans may likewise rehearse restraint and supplication as long as necessary.

What do you eat during Thaipoosam?
A dish of sweet porridge made with coconut, jaggery, and Bengal gram is made on the day of the festival. This is likewise served in sanctuaries.

How do fans bear the piercing?
Tributes from people guarantee that they don’t feel the aggravation of the piercings or the heaps, which are some of the time conveyed at the reason behind penetrating itself. They characteristic this to their dedication and obligation to the interaction.

Are there different celebrations for Murugan?
Yes, the god is honored on a number of other occasions, including Kartik Purnima, Karthika Deepam, and Skanda Sashthi.

Thaipoosam Cavadee
Thaipoosam Cavadee

Ask a Tamil companion
In the event that you know anybody who commends the celebration, it’s a decent chance to get some information about what they do on the day and whether there are any family customs they follow. A great way to supplement what you have learned about the festival online is to talk to someone who has attended it.

Watch a parade
Thaipoosam is a bright, powerful celebration with many sights to see and sounds to hear. The carnivalesque clothing of the lovers, the peacock plumes, and blossoms enriching the ‘cavadee’ make for a staggering survey insight. The lance piercings and strolling on hot coal are additionally certain to have an effect.

Participate in a parade
Thaipoosam has turned into a drawcard for sightseers from one side of the planet to the other. On the off chance that you’re feeling daring, you can convey your own improved cavadee and share the experience of the aficionado. The celebration is a trial of solidarity and perseverance, open to anyone who will take part in it.

Five Curious Facts About Murugan The god also goes by the names Kartikeya, Skanda, Subramanya, and Shanmukha.

Murugan flies on a peacock
Murugan goes on a peacock called ‘Paravani.’

There’s a peacock cavadee
Cavadees, the blossom adorned bamboo structures, carried on the shoulders of fans to the sanctuary, range in size and weight, and the more amazing ones are roused by the charming presentation of the male peacock’s tail feathers.

Thaipoosam is also celebrated as “Thaipooyam” by members of the Malayalam-speaking Keralan community, which is located west of Tamil Nadu.

Palani is a significant celebration spot
Palani in Tamil Nadu is a focal point for enthusiasts of Murugan who gather in the large numbers to praise the celebration.

Thaipoosam Cavadee
Thaipoosam Cavadee

It’s a brilliant display
Aficionados enhance themselves with radiant yellow and saffron clothing, blossoms, feathers, and different embellishments for the procession. Crowds of individuals convey cavadees and perform different accomplishments.

It’s a significant hardship
Numerous aficionados put stock in piercing their skin and other body leaves behind sticks that reach in size contingent upon the singular’s capacity to bear torment. This is proceeded as atonement to mollify Murugan and accept his gifts. Aficionados accept that they won’t be wounded by these demonstrations assuming they are dependable.

Contrasting religions is an opportunity
Numerous religions have comparable ceremonies of perseverance, rehearsed on various events that convey an alternate importance. Assuming you are aware of such customs locally or different gatherings, the celebration is an amazing chance to ponder their similitudes rather than how they contrast one another.

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