Universal Hour of Peace

Universal Hour of Peace

Universal Hour of Peace, which is marked on January 1 every year, is an important day because it draws attention toward building peaceful relations among different groups and states. Today, countries invest in developing sophisticated and lethal weapons that can obliterate entire cities in a blast. Universal Hour of Peace seeks to convince people everywhere that peace is more sustainable than violence, and less expensive.


Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron of the School of Metaphysics came up with the idea of Universal Hour of Peace, calling on leaders in government, education, and business to proclaim an hour of peaceful thought and action. Today, it has become an international celebration of peace, tolerance, and cooperation. The main idea is to start the new year with peace and love: soldiers refrain for an hour from shooting and people try their best to avoid getting into unnecessary fights and arguments.

The United Nations also plays a vital role in promoting global peace and cooperation. When the Second World War ended, the United Nations was established to promote peace through cooperation between the member countries. All the member countries agreed to resolve international conflicts through negotiations instead of violence. Protection of fundamental human rights is also an integral part of maintaining peace and equality in the world. The U.N. has also been working toward the implementation of those international laws that strengthen the national security of developing countries.

The idea of self-organized peace has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. According to this concept, world peace can be achieved through the support of an effective, self-organized community or network. One of the key elements of this theory is ‘acceptance and diversity.’ All people should be treated the same, irrespective of their culture, religion, age, or ethnicity. Various social networks and online communities have also emerged in recent times to support the concept of self-organized peace.

Universal Hour of Peace
Universal Hour of Peace


The League of Nations is Established

The League of Nations is developed, after the First World War, for international cooperation.

Peace Studies Becomes an Academic Subject

Peace Studies is taught at Indiana’s Manchester College.

Nobel Prize for the U.N. Peacekeeping Forces

The U.N. peacekeeping forces receive the Nobel peace prize.

First Celebration of Universal Hour of Peace

The Universal Hour of Peace is first celebrated in the United States.


What is the meaning of peace?

Peace is a feeling of harmony, stability, and calmness that one experiences in the absence of war.

What is the meaning of spiritual peace?

Spiritual peace is a psychological state where a person’s mind and body feel calm and serene irrespective of potential stressors of everyday life.

What are the types of peace?

Peace can be divided into two categories: internal and external peace. External peace occurs when there is peace and harmony in society. Internal peace refers to an individual’s peace of mind.

Universal Hour of Peace
Universal Hour of Peace


  1. Read quotes on peace

    Read quotes on peace and print out your favorite ones in different sizes. Put these quotations in colorful frames, and place the frames in your home or your workplace to stay motivated and peaceable. You can even give these frames as gifts to those colleagues or friends with whom you were not on talking terms for a long time.

  2. Walk for peace

    Organize a peace walk to promote peace and raise awareness about the sufferings of those civilians whose lives get badly affected in armed conflicts. You can also collaborate with different N.G.O.s and organize charity walks to collect funds for the reconstruction of schools that are destroyed in wars.

  3. Build a mini peace garden

    Make a mini peace garden in your neighborhood. Peace gardens are those public parks that symbolize peace and harmony. And by replicating one in your neighborhood, you can visit it anytime you feel anxious or stressed out. You can also plant flowers that symbolize peace, such as lilies, lavender, and violets, in the garden.


  1. Troop and police contribution

    Developing countries are the biggest contributors of troops to the U.N.

  2. Africa and the Middle East

    Some 94% of peacekeeping missions run in Africa and the Middle East.

  3. Successful missions

    There have been more than 70 successful U.N. Peacekeeping operations since 1948.

  4. Consent of the U.S.

    No peacekeeping operation can run without the consent of the U.S.

  5. Cooperation of the U.S.

    The U.S. is the top financial contributor to U.N. peacekeeping missions.

Universal Hour of Peace
Universal Hour of Peace


  1. It highlights the economic consequences of war

    Universal Hour of Peace creates awareness about the social and economic consequences of war and promotes the ideas of global peace between nations. Different non-government and intergovernmental organizations, including the United Nations, encourage countries at war to resolve their ongoing conflicts peacefully.

  2. It promotes cultural diversity

    Universal Hour of Peace helps to strengthen the ideas of tolerance, equality, and cultural diversity. It encourages people to come up with fun ways to collaborate and connect with different communities online. By participating in live sessions on social media platforms, communities learn about differences and similarities between different cultures. Consequently, communities start embracing their cultural differences and refrain from stereotyping one another.

  3. It highlights the effects of war on children

    Universal Hour of Peace also highlights the struggles of children that are badly affected by armed conflicts. Wars in developing countries have strong impacts on children: they are deprived of basic needs and their education gets disrupted. In fear of war and violence, the literacy rate in developing countries also declines, as parents dread sending their children to school.

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