In Mizoram, 11 January is observed as Missionary Day, commemorating the arrival of two Welsh Christian missionaries. These missionaries arrived in the state a century ago and introduced Christianity to the state.

Missionary Day is a regional holiday in the state of Mizoram that is celebrated on 11 January every year and in 2024 it will fall on Thursday.

The first missionary who visited Mizoram was the Rev. William Williams, a missionary of the Welsh Presbyterian Church in the Khasi Hills, Assam.

DO You know?

January 11 is a public holiday called “Missionary Day” in Mizoram. It commemorates the arrival of the first two Christian missionaries to the area in 1894.

 The most prevalent religion in Mizoram is Christianity 

In 1894, the pioneers entered Lushai Hills from Arthington Aborigines Mission in London. The year is known for the advent of the Gospel.

Is Missionary day 2024 a bank holiday? Yes, banks will remain closed on 11 January 2024 due to the occasion of Missionary Day in Mizoram.