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Rise to Fame: Meet Jane Popular

By Michaela Doe

Ever wonder how Jane Popular rose to astronomical fame? Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

The early years


The beginning of her ascent to fame started early and young.

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Her career started as a childhood singer.

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By age 16, she had already sung backup vocals for 5 Grammy winning singers.

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But a sudden career pivot to the silver screen catapulted her early fame. She soon starred in 5 TV shows, and 4 major motion pictures.

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First TV appearance with an all-star cast on the show “All Right With Us.”

The change


Hitting her stride and making her own brand of fame.

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She met Quinn Darandino on the set of Kill Will, which set her movie trajectory into acceleration.

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Starred in 4 consecutive blockbusters by 2012.

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But a real movie star was made when she starred as Lucy Ohio in “Gone By Day.”

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Her first Oscar Nomination as Best Supporting Actress in a foreign film.

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Back to back blockbusters and Grammy nominations really made 2012 her year.

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