World Computer Literacy Day

World Computer Literacy Day

World Computer Literacy Day is marked on 2nd December every year. This day is celebrated to drive digital literacy, specifically among women and children. Although the world is progressing toward an increasingly digital future, certain sections of society still have either limited or no digital access. As much as Computer Literacy Day is about celebrating computers, it is also about advocating for computer literacy in all sections of society.

Digitally literate people have a benefit over those who lack digital literacy, and this is creating a digital divide in the world. Therefore, Computer Literacy Day aims to spread awareness about the inculcation of technological skills in people from marginalized communities.

Computer Literacy Day Theme 2022

Every year, a specific theme is decided for World Computer Literacy Day. The numerous events held on this day are arranged around this theme. The theme for this year’s celebration has not been disclosed yet. Check out the given table to learn about the previous year’s themes:

Details Themes
Computer Literacy Day Theme 2022 To be disclosed soon
World Computer Literacy Day Theme 2021 Literacy for human-centered recovery – Narrowing the digital divide.

History of World Computer Literacy Day

World Computer Literacy Day started as an initiative by an Indian multinational corporation, NIIT, to mark its 20th anniversary. The first celebration of the day happened in 2001, and the topic of discussion at the event was a research that suggested that the majority of people fluent in computer usage were men.

Annual events such as Computer Literacy Day can be a great opportunity to amplify the need to bridge this digital divide. Access to computers should reach women, children, and marginalized people; it is only possible through collective efforts.


World Computer Literacy Day
World Computer Literacy Day

Significance of Computer Literacy Day

On the event of Computer Literacy Day, people emphasize the importance of computers in daily lives. Computer literacy refers to the level of expertise an individual has in using computers efficiently. In the present world, computer literacy might extend to using search engines, social media platforms, and basic daily-use software like Microsoft Office or Google Suite. Check out some insights about computer usage in developing and developed countries below:

  • Internet users made up 55% of the world population in June 2018.
  • Even though Asia carries 55% of the world’s population, only 49% use the internet.
  • North America has 4.8% of the global population, and 95% use the internet.
  • This disparity is one of the primary reasons why computer literacy is being highlighted.

Computer Literacy Day is significant because, on this day, the adoption of digital technologies, particularly by children and women is encouraged. It is also significant because as per reports, developing countries have limited access to computer literacy. So, the word about the need for computer literacy must be spread.

Why Should We Celebrate Computer Literacy Day

Today, being proficient with computer usage can make all the difference in an individual’s personal and professional life. Computer literacy skills range from having basic knowledge of using a computer to performing intermediate tasks such as operating software and computer programs. We should celebrate World Computer Literacy Day because it is meant to create awareness about the following:

  • The digital divide hampers the spread of digital skills uniformly across the globe.
  • Advocating for global computer literacy, including comprehending how computers work, how to program them, and how to use them.
  • A call-to-action for governments and organizations to reach out to those without computer access.

World Computer Literacy Day – Important Facts

World Computer Day is all about spreading awareness regarding computers, their usage, and exploring their possibilities. Today, computers and other digital devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. To honor this day, and these powerful machines, check out some facts about computers and Computer Literacy Day below:

  • Charles Babbage invented all the parts that modern computers use in 1833, while the first modern computers were invented 120 years later.
  • The first generation of computer was invented in 1946. This was the turning point for the technological use of computers.
  • In the year 1947, the first keyboard was created. It replaced the old system of punch cards.
  • Douglas Engelbert invented the first mouse in 1964 using wood.
  • Something that Microsoft, HP, and Apple have in common: they all started building their computers out of a garage.
  • The full form of the term CAPTCHA is ”Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computer and Humans Apart.

Computer Literacy Day Quotes

The importance of computer literacy can be summed up in the quotes shared here. On World Computer Literacy Day, go through some witty and meaningful quotes provided below:

  • If you embrace computers today then you are going to progress forever.
  • Computers are not just the present but also the future; without them, there is nothing.
  • Digital is the future; let’s embrace it and pursue this computer literacy day together.
  • Computer literacy day can provide education for all people from all walks of society.

FAQs about World Computer Literacy Day

Q.1 When is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

2nd December is celebrated as World Computer Literacy Day every year. The celebration of this day as Computer Day began in 2001, on the 20th anniversary of the Indian multinational corporation, NIIT.

Q.2 Why is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated to mark NIIT’s anniversary and emphasize computer literacy’s importance, especially among women, children, and marginalized people.

Q.3 How to celebrate Computer Literacy Day?

There are many ways to celebrate Computer Literacy Day. Here are some ideas:

  • Hold a talk session to spread awareness about the importance of computer literacy.
  • Donate to organizations that work to provide computer literacy access in marginalized areas.
  • Learn new computer skills.

Q.4 What is the World Computer Literacy Day theme 2022?

World Computer Literacy Day theme 2022 has not been disclosed yet. Last year, the Computer Literacy Day 2021 theme was “Literacy for human-centered recovery – Narrowing the digital divide.”

World Computer Literacy Day
World Computer Literacy Day

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