World Hindi Day 2023 [10th January]

World Hindi Day

World Hindi Day (or Vishwa Hindi Divas) is celebrated on 10th January every year to commemorate the first-ever World Hindi Conference in Nagpur in 1975. World Hindi Conference is observed every three years to spread awareness about the leading scholars and contributors to the language. The annual celebration of World Hindi Day signifies the importance of the language.

Besides celebrating the inclusion of Hindi as an official language of the federal government of India, the focus of this day is also on instilling a passion for the language among individuals. World Hindi Day also aims to raise awareness about Hindi as a historical and global language.

World Hindi Day 2023

On World Hindi Day, many events are organized by organizations such as the Hindi Nidhi Foundation, National Council of Indian Culture, Indian High Commission, Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, and Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Co-operation. Many writers and academics also participate in the annual Vishva Hindi Diwas celebrations.

World Hindi Day is observed as an annual event related to the World Hindi Conference, which is held in different nations every three years. Here, we have shared an overview of this day.

Day World Hindi Day
Celebrated 10th January (annually)
Observed In India
Established 10th January 1975
Significance To celebrate the Hindi language, its speakers, and its literary contributions.

Vishwa Hindi Diwas – History

The history of World Hindi Day can be traced back to 1975, when the first World Hindi Conference or Vishva Hindi Sammelan was organized in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This day was about celebrating the language itself and the many contributors to Hindi literature. Vishva Hindi Divas is celebrated every year to commemorate the anniversary of the Conference.

Hindi speakers around the world observe World Hindi Day on 10th January. In India, many government and private organizations host events to celebrate the day whereas in foreign countries, Hindi speaking population also observe the day with equal enthusiasm.

World Hindi Day – Significance

Vishwa Hindi Diwas is celebrated to mark the importance of the Hindi language and to represent the Hindi-speaking community on a global level. Here is why this day is considered so significant –

  • Hindi is unofficially considered the national language in India, especially in the northern parts of the country.
  • It is one of the country’s most basic forms of expression.
  • The word “Hindi” is derived from the Persian term Hind, which means “country of the Indus River.”
  • Some people in Trinidad and Tobago, Nepal, Suriname, Guyana, Mauritius, and Fiji also speak Hindi.
  • As a result, we have this day to commemorate International World Hindi Day globally.

Difference between World Hindi Day and Hindi Day?

Vishwa Hindi Diwas is often confused with Hindi Day, which is celebrated on 14th September to commemorate the establishment of Hindi as an official language of India. Here are the differences between the two days –

Hindi Day World Hindi Day
Celebrated on 14th September. Celebrated on 10th January.
This day is celebrated every year. This day is also celebrated once every year.
Commemorates the designation of Hindi as one of the official languages of India. Celebrates the inauguration of the first World Hindi Conference.

World Hindi Conference

World Hindi Day is related to World Hindi Conference, which was first held in 1975 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Every year, Vishwa Hindi Diwas is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the World Hindi Conference. Here are some facts about this conference –

  • The first World Hindi Conference was held from 10th to 12th January 1975.
  • Since its inception, the Conference has been held every three years in new locations. The last Conference was held in 2021 in Fiji.
  • To date, this conference has been held in India, Mauritius, Fiji, the UK, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, the US, and Suriname.
  • Each year, World Hindi Day marks the anniversary of the World Hindi Conference on 10th January.

Vishwa Hindi Diwas – Facts about Hindi

Hindi is a historical language; it is also one of the most spoken languages in the world. Many intriguing facts about it are lesser known. Let us examine a few facts about Hindi and World Hindi Day:

  • Hindi is one of the seven Indian languages used to make web URLs.
  • Hindi is the native language of around 430 million people worldwide.
  • Hindi and Nepalese use the Devanagari script.
  • Several English words are derived from Hindi: chutney, loot, bungalow, guru, jungle, karma, and yoga, to name a few.
  • Apabhramsa, a Sanskrit branch, was the oldest form of Hindi. Around 400 AD, Kalidas composed Vikramorvashiyam in Apabhramsa.
  • These languages have influenced and enriched Hindi: Turkish, Arabic, Persian, English, and Dravidian (ancient South Indian).
  • Hindi is a descendant of Sanskrit and retains the original language’s terminology and syntax.
  • Prem Sagar was the first published Hindi fiction. The book, which contained Krishna legends, was published by Lalloo Lal.
  • According to the Power Language Index, Hindi will be one of the world’s most potent languages by 2050.
  • On World Hindi Day, various programs are held worldwide, including in India.
  • Each letter in the Hindi alphabet has its sound. Also, words in Hindi are spoken in the same order as they appear on the page.
  • As a result of the rising demand for Hindi speakers, several governments and agencies worldwide have begun to provide scholarships and other opportunities to those who want to study the language.
  • In addition to Hindi Day on 14 September, World Hindi Day is also celebrated separately on 10 January.
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FAQs on World Hindi Day

Q.1 What is World Hindi Day?

World Hindi Day is an annual day dedicated to celebrating the Hindi language. World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10th January every year and marks the anniversary of the World Hindi Conference, which was first held on 10th January 1975 in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Q2. What is the significance of World Hindi Day?

World Hindi Day is celebrated to mark the day when the first ever World Hindi Conference was held in Nagpur, Maharashtra, on 10th January. Vishwa Hindi Diwas is celebrated by Hindi-speaking communities around the world by organizing or participating in events.

Q3. When is World Hindi day celebrated?

World Hindi Day is celebrated each year on 10th January every three years to commemorate the first World Hindi Conference held in 1975. It is often confused with Hindi Day, which is a separate event celebrated on 14th September to mark the inclusion of Hindi as an official Indian language.

Q4. How is World Hindi Day celebrated?

On World Hindi Day, many schools and universities around the country encourage students to engage in literary and cultural activities such as poetry competitions, essays, and letter-writing contests. Reputed academics and scholars also come together on World Hindi Day for the celebrations.

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